Game Plan Unveiled

As I mentioned in my 2015 post, I would be experimenting with some media buying and list building.  The plans are starting to come together and I decided it would be time to release those plans to anyone interested for feedback or to help with new ideas.

If you have been following me at all then you know my niche of choice is always health/fitness related due to the fact that I am involved in the field as my profession and have working knowledge.  Content is not an issue with this niche and it is something that I like.  Basically, I am in my comfort zone here and I think that is important to note.

The Free Gift For Subscribers

The basic premise with be three separate membership websites offering an “x number of days” free course.  Each website will focus on an aspect of health/fitness/weightloss and although related I don’t see each audience becoming a member of the other sites.

Now, within these 5,7,10 day courses will be have each page of content released through an email sequence for the day.  This is critical to keep the email subscribers engaged and ready to open our emails.  There will also be an offer (similar to a OTO) to just buy the course at a reasonable price (less than 10.00) immediately rather than wait for the entire sequence to play out.

This offers us a chance to recoup some of our initial investments from media buying and other forms of paid advertising to generate traffic.  The traffic will be generated from solo ads, banner ads and Facebook ads initially as a way to get the ball rolling quickly and generate some subscribers.

Ok Great What Are The Steps?

There is a list of things necessary to get started with this plan if you were going to follow along.  No, these are not affiliate offer links, in fact, I am not going to link this out at all.  Just do a google search for the product if you can’t find it.

  1. Optimizepress 2.0-  I was an owner of the original product and was satisfied but the new version looks awesome.  We will use this to build out both squeeze pages and membership sites.
  2. Webhosting- I already have numerous accounts, if you are starting you will need to buy hosting
  3. Domain Names- It’s looking like I will be buying 4 domain names, one for each site and then the “parent company” website that ties it all together
  4. Autoresponder- Probably either aweber or getresponse.  Does not matter to me, I’ll go with whatever has the better sale at time of purchase

Moving On…..

The next step will be creating the courses, squeeze pages for opt-ins, initial articles and then finally the email sequences.  I’ll post more updates as this develops, I am hoping to have a lot of this done by next weekend but we will see how things progress.


A Fresh Start in 2015

It’s been a long time since I have updated this site, I fell victim to the same problems that many of us face with internet marketing…..motivation.  In December, I started to contemplate what my next project would be and I decided I would go back to my roots of affiliate marketing and document the process.  I will be utilizing some of my old standby methods, mainly:

  • Youtube Videos
  • Microsites
  • SEO

However, this isn’t all that I am going to be doing.  I really want to focus on PPC and something that I have always wanted to jump into……

Building A List

I have dabbled (unsuccessfully) with list building in the past, however, this is going to be a full fledged effort in 2015.  I see this as a great asset to any business and the methods to monetize are endless.  First and foremost the goal will be to generate subscribers.

My “niche” of choice will be the fitness/health/weightloss niche.  Yes, I know that is extremely broad and I will work to narrow that down and focus in but I don’t have all the details of the plan hammered out yet.

Personal Goals For 2015

Along with this newest venture into internet marketing I have a few new goals that I should probably include in this post.  Some of the goals have to do with powerlifting and some numbers that I want to hit.  There is no need to announce those numbers because they mean absolutely nothing to anyone but myself….just know that they are there.

I am also starting an intermittent fasting protocol to drop some accumulated fat in the past months.  More on that to come….


Where Have You Been Lately? UPDATES…

It’s been a long time since an update and that has been my own fault, I have been incredibly busy with doing SEO audits for a marketing firm that I have teamed up with.  While being time consuming, the experience has been truly awesome, I have learned a ton and I am thankful for the opportunity. I am also excited to see where this goes in the future.  More on that when the time is right, for now I’ll just keep plugging away.

Niche Updates:

When I posted last (I believe, it’s been so long) my coaching client’s site had just cracked into the top 30 of google for a long tail phrase.  That was about 2 months ago, and just this week the site has been picked up for all of it’s keywords


As you can see, some of the keywords and phrases have significant search volume and we have some high hopes for this site.  My student (or client or whatever) has been diligent in creating a ton of content with some great value to the visitor.  I truly believe that the site will start to pull in a lot of long tail traffic that will far exceed the traffic generated from any one of these phrases ranking in the top 10 (hopefully higher).

So what has been done?

I have added links from my PRIVATE NETWORK, but I have done this SLOWLY.  The only links existing to the site have been through the network so we are testing the strength of these links vs the competition and where this site will end up. It has only shown up in the SERPs in the past week so it is safe to say that the process took about 3 months (the last month the links were added).  Do links help brand new sites climb out of the sandbox? I think so, but I believe the timing is more important than the links.  We waited quite a bit before adding links and there are 4 more set to drip within the next week.

How are we linking?

Each link has been to the home page with generic or partial match phrases, no exact match for this project.  The links have been included in the first paragraph of an educational style article between 500-750 words.  Only one link per post and then we are sitting back and tracking the results.

What else?

It should be noted that in this past week the site will be transferred off of my hosting and on to the client’s hosting per our initial agreement- Basically, I had the site and hosting already set up and he got to play around with it for free until he felt he was ready to take the reins and move things onto his hosting.  It was a risk free experiment for him and he is ready to take the project on his own.  I do not know how this will affect rankings if at all but I have a watchful eye over things to check.

Wrap up

Now that the site is out of the sandbox the fun can start.  I have some ideas that I have learned from my experiences with SEO in the past month and am excited to try and report on.  One of the most important aspects of this process has been charting how many links it will take to rank and thus far 5 links got us out of the sandbox.  I do not think that more is better in this case, the sandbox needs to be treated with respect and not bullied with links (has never worked) and so far the results have been good.  Keep checking back because things should  start to happen rather quickly with this project.

Building Your Own Private Network? Consider This…..

I recently received an email from a customer within the Private Network asking if it is ok to place another order for another site of his that was previously not linked to.  It was a really good question and the more I thought about it the more I decided that this would be a great topic for the post.

First, because my private network is a LIMITED NUMBER OF SITES and offers a LIMITED NUMBER OF SPOTS in order to be both a good deal for the customer and cost effective for myself @ 10 links for 250.00 there are a few things that popped up in in my mind for those DIY out there.

I break down the costs of setting up a private domain for yourself in order to receive 10  links as a small network to help with your own SEO.  The cost is roughly 900-1000 dollars (not including your time to set up each hosting account and maintain the sites).  The thought of controlling your own assets is definitely appealing and there is a ton of information on the internet about using expired domains for SEO at this point.  However, if you are thinking about going this route, then chances are you have multiple money sites and know a bit about what you are doing…. hence the need for the private network vs. purchasing a service like mine.

There was one glaring problem with this situation that I never really considered until you start to crunch the numbers

Your Web Hosting

The basic question that I asked my customer was is the money site sharing the same hosting as your other site?  Answer…. YES it is.

I responded that I didn’t think it would be a good idea until I rolled out a new set of sites for the network.  This brings me to my long winded point.  If you are going to invest 1000.00 into a network for 10 links (maybe a few more if you are adventurous) then you need to consider what this means to your business.   First, along with your initial costs for website (hosting, content etc) how long will it take you to recoup those losses with 1000.00 tacked on top of that?  Is this a good idea for your business?  Spending 1000.00 on a website that only makes 100.00 a month isn’t the kind of return of investment that I would be looking for personally, so you need to spread the risk.

This is why I advocate staying in similar niches or verticals as you begin to build out money sites.  If you have five money sites in similar niches then you have just stretched your 1000.00 a lot farther and spread out the risk.  If each site makes 100.00 a month then you are able to recoup those losses in two months and that is AWESOME.

Where is the problem then you ask? Your hosting….

Do yourself a favor and host your money sites with different hosting.  I would rather pay the extra 70.00 a year to host a money site on new hosting vs. 1000.00 for a new network to avoid the possible detection of your back linking efforts.

Take your business seriously

At some point when you have some initial success and have passed the “just trying to see if this works stage” you will be ready to start a new niche site.  This is the time that you need to have a bit of confidence and look long term.  Sure, it is easy to grab another domain and at that as a subdomain to your already existing hosting and get started.  You could be very well shooting yourself in the foot when you need that boost to rank your site because you can’t really use all of the domains in your private network (at least I wouldn’t).

Just some food for thought and another thing to take into account when doing this stuff.  If you are looking for a new host I will be publishing a review with some pros and cons of each host that I have dealt with in a post soon.


Cracking The Top 30 In Google

Two weeks ago, in my last update I had shown that our case study site has been picked up and ranking in google for a smaller searched keyword.  This week the term took a huge jump to #22 in google.  Today, it sits around 25-26th spot


This was after 1 link was added and to my knowledge and after checking metrics there has been no link building that I don’t know about.  The game plan is still the same, hammer out content because the site is still in the sandbox.  I am going to start adding social signals to the site along with backlinks from my private blog network and blog comments.   The whole goal is to keep creating content and SLOWLY add these links.  I can’t stress the slowly part enough.  This stuff just cannot and will not happen over night.  I think that there are way too many instances of people panicking and trying to rush the process can ruin a site for them before they basically get started.  I was guilty of this myself and have been trying to teach people to learn from my mistakes.  I am going to add one back link per page of each site and see how things end up.  The anchor text will be generic for all back links as I will be trying to build a very diverse back link profile.

As of now, content is being created for each of the links and I will post updates once they are complete


We are ranking in Google

It’s been about 10 days since my last update and I have some great news, the site is starting to get picked up for some long tail stuff in google

Niche Site Update



As you can see the site has almost cracked the top 100 for a long tail word that gets 210 monthly searches.  While this is a small number of searches it is a good sign.  Many times, you need a few small wins along the way to help you stay the course and this is one of those small wins.   No backlinks have been built up until this point as the site is still not a month old as mentioned in the plan here.

The plan is to keep producing content at a rapid rate (1-2 posts a week) that are HIGH QUALITY.  I can’t stress this enough.  For the past year my game plan has been to do really good keyword research and then produce moderate quality….or lets be honest, pretty low quality sites and play the numbers game.  Well, this just doesn’t work anymore.  For one, the amount of time it takes to rank a low quality site vs a large authoritative site is exactly the same.  This isn’t a good investment in your time or mine.  We are all far better off creating high quality sites that generate at least 3 figures a month.

Once the initial rankings settle down I will start to add links from my Private Network in order to pump the site up higher in the serps and update everyone accordingly.

To summarize the project thus far with milestones

  1. The site has generated it’s first bit of revenue
  2. The site has briefly cracked the top 100 in google for a long tail term

Niche Site Game Plan and Updates

It’s been a while since my last update, two weeks by my count.  I’ve been super busy with a bunch of things and haven’t had the chance to put of some content here….I have some big posts in the future.

I mentioned that I was coaching someone into creating their first niche site here and wanted to give an update on the process.

So far we have gone live with one massive front page post and five smaller blog posts.  The main keywords that are being targeted provide 16750 searches per month! When I spoke to Wayne last night he mentioned that he was beginning to get more traffic and shared his analytics with me and they were as follows:

  • 82 visitors
  • 52.4% new
  • 47.6% returning
  • 61% bounce rate

To be honest, considering that the site has been live for maybe 1 week or so I think these metrics are GREAT and we are on the right track.  The content is very good and will certainly attract some long tail traffic in time.

Here is a recap of what has been done thus far

  1. I performed keyword research
  2. Bought a brandable domain
  3. Installed wordpress & Theme
  4. Content creation (check out the guide)
  5. Publish
  6. Install Adsense

There has been no external link building yet, I am waiting for the site to show up in Serpbook before I add the links from my private network.

Making Money?

I forgot to mention that the site has ALREADY EARNED MONEY! After installing adsense I got an email saying that the earnings for

the day were just under a dollar…

“More than I have ever earned online”

This completely validated everything that I have done and helped out with.  It’s a great feeling to start earning online but it felt even better to have helped someone else break through that barrier.

I have learned quite a bit during this project and coaching and am considering offering up a small coaching program with limited seating.

I’ll help with keyword research and guide along the way while also allowing access to a private network to help with SEO when the time comes.  More about this will come at a later time.  If you are interested then email me at simple but well marketing (@) gmail dot com and we can discuss.

The game plan will be as follows for this site, continue to produce high quality content at a rate of 1-2 articles per week and keep it coming for a month or so.  We want the site to gain more and more traction in the eyes of google.

Once the site shows up in the SERPS, I will be adding the links from my private network- 5 initial links and then drip feeding the rest as rankings improve.

Keep checking back to see how this turns out because I am super excited.


Content Creation for Your First Niche Site

A few big things have happened in the past two days and it has been time for an update as well as some more information.  First, I had a site visitor email me with some great questions after watching my keyword research video.  He had some great questions and a fantastic niche idea.  It turned out that this niche was something that I had already performed keyword research with and purchased a domain for and was set to get started.  My plan for monetization was to utilize a high paying CPA offer ( I had never had much success with CPA prior to this) but the offer expired and I halted the project for the time being.

After answering a few questions it dawned on me that for most people trying to launch their first site there are a few hurdles that probably deter them from even getting started.

  1. Purchasing a domain name
  2. Purchasing hosting

Now, if you have been through the process before then you definitely take these two steps for granted when it comes to beginners.  Most people just say “get a domain and get hosting.”  I am guilty of that as well…. until now.  I realized that these can be two major road blocks that get in the way of one very important thing TAKING ACTION AND GETTING SOMETHING LIVE.  You can sit around and mull over ideas for domains forever and waste time because you are unsure of yourself.  After you get a domain your next thought is researching  hosting and trying to find the best hosting.  You can read reviews for a long time but I have noticed one thing about hosts, most are fine for your needs if you are creating your first site.  I have accounts with pretty much every major and well known company due to my private blog network.  None of the sites go down and the set up is all pretty much the same.  Just get some hosting.  Check out hosting coupons and try and save a bit of money, but in all honesty just get the damn site up and GET STARTED.

When it comes to domains I am going to advise on one thing that I wouldn’t normally have suggested this time last year.  Go for a brandable name rather than exact match for your keyword.  This gives you the option of creating a huge authority site and from what I have noticed, really doesn’t make a difference in ranking for your terms.  A brandable name gives you the chance to build a community and expand.  These are just my thoughts, however, the rest of the niche website world seems to agree.

Anyway, out of an act of good faith I suggested to this visitor that I already had a live brandable name with a bit of unpublished content due to the project I stated above being put on hold.  I offered to save him the investment of buying his own domain and hosting and get right to the nuts and bolts of getting a site up.  I will now be helping him create his first niche site and see if we can rank this thing and earn him some money.

Basically we skipped a bunch of the hard steps such as installing wordpress etc and got right into content creation.  Here i general plan.

Content Creation

I admit that in the last few days I have learned a lot about the types of questions that many of you will have so here is my attempt to answer those through this post.

First, I suggested what the main keyword should be that the site is targeting.  This term gets 5400 monthly searches and has a CPC of over 1.00.  We combined my rough drafts with his own content into a MASSIVE 2000+ word post that creates value for the visitor.  I read the thing over and over asking myself one question “would this site help me?”  I think that is the entire goal for this case study, to create a USEFUL site.  Normally I throw up decent content and then get to work ranking, this is going to be different.

I suggested that we add 5 more posts targeting other keywords before we publish just to give the site a bit of a backbone and then content creation will continue steadily during the first few months.   To make this easier and not run into writer’s block it helps to have the keywords and ideas lined up before starting.

I am going to go a bit more into how to come up with content ideas through the video as well as show how to keyword research for your content.  Be sure to watch the whole video.

Once this site is live and we keep spewing out useful content we will start to chart the rankings and will be adding links from the Simple But Well Private Network to see where we end up… Stay tuned as I think this will be an incredibly useful resource to follow for your first site.

Goal Setting and a Ranking Update

This will be a slightly different post than usual and a bit of a view into my personal life.  I took about a week “deload” or break from internet marketing and SEO to focus on my upcoming powerlifting meet that took place on April 26th.  Here is a video of my third deadlift attempt of the day, 515lbs.



I set some goals for that meet  about 10 weeks ago and started a well thought out training cycle.  I had an extremely clear cut plan of what needed to be done each day, week and month in order to reach those goals.  I’m proud to say that the training and the plan was well executed and I met each goal.  It feels really good to put in some hard work and reap the rewards.

So how does this pertain to internet marketing?

The truth is that I didn’t just want to show a bunch of people that probably don’t care about powerlifting a video of myself.  Training/fitness/weightloss and internet marketing are very similar when you break them down to manageable chunks.  Most everyone can lose/gain weight or get stronger if they have a simple plan (SIMPLE BUT WELL ;) )  that details exactly what needs to be done on a daily basis and leaves absolutely no guess work.  Therein lies the problem, where do you find a plan like that?  There is WAY too much junk on the internet regarding those topics and most people suffer from information overload, never sticking to one plan before giving it a chance to work.  Sound familiar? There sure are a lot of empty promises in the internet marketing world and shiny objects that make it really easy try too many things and never make money or see results.

How to Set Goals

I like to set goals based on things that I can control.  I focus on the process rather than the results because sometimes you really can’t control the outcomes.  Something like $500.00 a month from a website is great, but what are you REALLY going to do to achieve that goal.  If you don’t reach the initial goal will you jump ship and try something else or re-evaluate and keep pushing.  I’d have to say most people jump ship too soon and never see results.

Here are some goals that I have for my newest niche site (which I will admit I didn’t start at all due to the break I took this week).

  1. Keyword Research (done)
  2. Purchase Domain Name (done)
  3. Install wordpress (done)
  4. Create initial content (4 pages with 1000+  word high quality articles)
  5. Create secondary content (20 smaller posts 500-800 words
  6. 50 blog comments on relevant sites
  7. Set Up Web2.0 properties and create content
  8. Set up Social Accounts and create profiles
  9. Monitor Rankings while adding 5-10 posts a month
  10. Wait for site to come out of sandbox (if in sandbox) and keep adding content
  11. Once the site is stable in google begin to add links from the SIMPLE BUT WELL NETWORK
  12. Monitor rankings and keep producing content

Now, that is a fairly rough outline of my goals and check list of things that need to be completed to reach the goal of 500.00 a month.  Notice that nowhere at all do you see anything about making money or really any money relate goals such as

  • Month 1- Make 50+ dollars
  • Month 2- 100+ dollars
  • Month 3- 500 dollars

The problem with those goals is that you immediately lose steam if you don’t reach the first goal. In the same manner that weight loss isn’t linear (lose 1 lb a week, every week)  neither is making money (make 1.00 a day, every day) and if you set goals based on the hope that it will be linear then you are setting yourself up for failure.

I have a plan for this niche site that is focused on the process.  If I can do research and write 5-10 articles a month (or outsource it) then I am making progress toward the goal.  You need to find a way to break down what needs to be done in baby steps to reach your goal.  Let’s say that I keep at the 5-10 post goal for 4 months straight.  I don’t worry about money and just keep pumping out content….. 10×4 is 40 high quality articles on top of the authority style pages.  You would have a pretty significant website that point that could continue to build trust within google.  If you add 3-4 relevant blog comments a week where you are making connections with other webmasters in the niche, you could have some great opportunities.  At that point you already know what needs to be done, you just need the motivation do carry out the plan.

I mentioned that I would also be adding links from my private blog network in the my checklist, I figured I would share an update after getting some SUPER powerful expired domains.  I added ONE link from a brand new site that I just won via auction and made another jump.


This particular site, which you might remember the results from here made another significant jump to 13 after adding another link.  That is so close to the first page of google and into the money.  It just goes to show you the power of adding those expired domains and giving relevant, incontext links back to your money sites.

Remember, if interested in purchasing some links please sign up to the email list to get updates etc.  I really want to keep this super private and limited to 20 members.  Questions? Ask away.

Reputation Management for the Small Business

If you own a small business then you already know how important reputation is in relation to your customer base.  What used to be word of mouth marketing and advertising has progressed to what you see online today.  While most people don’t go out of their way to tell others what a great job you are doing with your service, one disgruntled customer can do a lot of damage in the online world.  Reputation management is all about controlling those bad reviews and making an effort to get positive reviews posted about your business.

How to get started?

Bite the bullet and google yourself…. If you see anything bad about your business then you can be damn sure that potential customers are seeing those same bad things and thinking twice about your service.  Likewise, if you have loads of five star reviews all over associated with your name then you will surely will be gaining new business.

Here is a bit of reading on the power of online reviews when making a buying decision

If you don’t want to read the whole thing then I’ll save you the time.  This article shows that based on a survey 90% of people say that both positive or negative reviews made an impact on a buying decision.

What this means for your business

Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to get those bad reviews removed and out of site of potential customers/clients.  Even more unfortunate is that the type of people that are likely to leave any type of reviews are the ones that are really looking to do some damage.  They are unhappy and want the world to know.  Why your business has those reviews is neither here nor there for me…..But here is a solution.

Many satisfied customers would love to give you glowing reviews but they simply don’t know how or the process is too complicated.  If we can encourage those customers to give reviews then you have a chance of pushing the bad reviews to the bottom of the pile so to speak.  The more good reviews a business has then the less chance people will take what looks like one raving lunatic bad mouthing your business as a serious review.  This is reputation management 101.  We need positive reviews.  Now, what if you could encourage the raving reviews while filtering the bad reviews so that they some how didn’t get posted?  You would essentially be killing two birds with one stone… and a really big stone at that.

The solution

I have set up a system for a client that basically gives the option and a filter for both the good and the bad reviews.  I would like to keep this a bit confidential but here are a few screen shots and the basic idea.

Step 1.  Encourage feedback being left on YOUR SITE

Reputation Management


This screenshot shows the user two clickable options.  By clicking on each one they will be taken to a page that is related to their experience (either positive or negative).  The whole goal here is that you encourage ANY TYPE OF FEEDBACK rather than just the good.

Now, if the visitor clicks the negative icon (thumbs down) they are taken to this page

reputation management negative


The negative page allows that unhappy customer to air their grievances about all the wrong that you did to them.  Let them air it all out and click the submit button.  This feedback is going directly to your email.  As the business owner you can attempt to make the situation right….or see an area that your business could in fact use some improvement.  It is up to you to decide what you do with this information.  More importantly you are giving the visitor an avenue to post something bad about you that won’t be seen by anyone, they just don’t know it.

Positive feedback and reviews

Should the customer have an awesome time at your place or love your service and they select the thumbs up icon they are taken to this page

Reputation Management Positive

Here we see clickable images that are linked directly to your review site of choice.  This could be google plus, yelp, trip advisor or anything that you want to promote.  One click and the visitor can now leave a positive glowing review.  This beats them trying to search for your business page and then leaving a review, that is just way too much work for most people.  What we are doing is holding their hand and guiding them to giving that positive feedback with very little effort on their part.

Here you have a system in place that will hopefully filter the bad reviews while grabbing and funneling more positive reviews than you normally would have.  You aren’t doing anything wrong, purchasing reviews etc.. you are just helping people promote your business for you.

Final Thoughts

This is a simple solution to a problem that plagues many business owners.  While it is easy to set up it takes some work to promote.  How you decide to promote your review page is up to you as there are many different options.  It might take some effort to get started, but the positives far outweigh the negatives.  If you really want to take this to the next level then you can also start harvesting customer emails in the same manner.  Now you can mail them different promotions etc.  It’s all up to you.  Questions?  Use the Contact Page to email me directly

Building A Niche Site From The Ground Up

I mentioned that I would be performing an amazon niche case study and did a tutorial where we focused on finding keywords using free tools to check competition and monthly searches.  Today, I would like to share exactly what I will be doing in a step by step process with this site and another.  This will be a side by side case study.  I feel like the techniques used are going to either be extremely effective and I will have two profitable sites in my portfolio or they won’t work at all.

For starters, I have two domains that I tried to make memorable and brandable.  I am not concerned with exact match domains (EMD) for this project because I want things to be long term. I have multiple hosting accounts for my Simple But Well Network as well as one hosting account that holds my money sites.  I am going to use my newest domain to open up a completely new hosting account just to test how things work out vs. my current hosting.

To be fair, one domain has already been installed in my hosting since february.  It has no content, although videos have been created.  Initially this project was going to be for a CPA network offer, however, the offer was pulled so I hit the brakes on the project.  I decided since the keyword research was still good there would be no sense in wasting the time I spent with that project and build it up to possibly rank.

Things that I am doing different

I will not be focused on my link building strategy.  I don’t want to brag, but I have PLENTY of links to point at these projects through my network.  Simply put, it is of no concern that I will have high quality links.  Normally, and in years past, my MO was to slap some mediocre content up and then focus on ranking the site ASAP.  I have not had the best luck with this strategy in the last site that I launched.  I think I spoke about this before but I’ll be honest, I rushed the content and it sucked.  I also didn’t have enough content ready before launching.  This all goes back to the point that niche sites are a SLOW AND STEADY game.  Some work, some don’t……when they don’t it’s time to re-evaluate your game plan.

Simple But Well Vs. The Sandbox

The last site that I created got gobbled up by the sandbox for sure.  You don’t know what the sandbox is? Basically death as the site sits in far depths of google to never be found by an eager buyer for your key terms.  I have some theories on the sandbox and they go like this:

  1. During the dance you jump all over the place while google sorts your stuff out
  2. You disappear and reappear in high and low spots to test if you are the real deal
  3. Google then lands you in the sandbox to see what happens and how you react

Now, this is theory but it is based on exactly what has happened to a few sites.  The difference between the successful sites and the ones that are buried deep in sand was one thing…

Fresh Content or Fresh Links?

The funny thing about this internet marketing stuff is that you can find out the answers to your questions if YOU JUST EXPERIMENT.  The newest site that I created has ranked for long tail keywords with MINIMAL LINKS.  I experienced no sandbox non-sense and I have a feeling that it is due to the quality of the content and the amount of content being produced.  My bounce rate is low and people love what I am giving them.  I feel like during the trial period (between bullets 2/3 above) the key is to NOT BUILD LINKS.  I used to think that during that process I needed to “show the site offering value” by building links and I am proud to say this has been extremely UN-EFFECTIVE.



The new strategy is to just keep pumping out content..  More and more quality content without worrying about links.  I’ll do some social signals and sharing of the content, but other than that just more content.  Each post needs to give a good amount of information and value and be long, I want the articles between 800-2000 words.  The strategy is basically to keep dropping knowledge bombs until the site settles down in the google (or even shows up) and then add my links.

I am not expecting the sites to generate a large amount of traffic until 2-3 months in to this project.  At that point I will be concerned with ranking while continually spewing out quality content.  I don’t plan on adding any monetization to one site until I generate traffic while the other will be an amazon type of review site.

One hurdle that I expect during this process is the content creation for the review type site.  I hated writing that content last time and found it to be extremely boring and tedious.  I treated that as the actual content for the site and my VA’s handled that project.  We rushed the entire process and it came out exactly as expected.  Crappy reviews that were basically the same after switching out product names.  I found that to be a great learning experience and will take a different route this time with more “tips” articles and posts.  The reviews will still be on the site to sell products, but the main focus of the content will be on quality to the niche.

That is the general game plan and my team will have a lot of work to do.  Be sure to check back for updates and ask any questions that you have!

The Power Of Using Expired Domains

I recently created a tutorial on how to find expired domains so that you can start to add private links to either your business or niche websites to help land them on the first page of google.  This technique is nothing new and becoming more and more common place in the SEO world.  Even more do we see this happening with niche websites as both Jon Haver and Spencer of Niche Pursuits have produced a lot of content on this process as well as their results.

I figured that I would also show some of the results that I have been getting with my private network.  I purposely have only added links from 5 separate domains to show results with not only niche sites but business websites and youtube videos.  The power of in context links from high page authority sites (PA) is no joke.

For most people that start out trying to build up a network I feel that 5 sites is probably a pretty good starting point.  Depending on your keyword research and the terms you are targeting it may be enough to rank your site and start generating some profits.  If 5 domains isn’t enough then 10 is probably going to get you into the money.  Again, I have tested using strictly 5 links so that everyone can see the types of results that I am getting and what you could expect provided that you have done the keyword research correctly.

Example 1- Local Business Site


PBN Results 3


As you can see this site was sitting on the second page of google for quite some time.  I had done the usual citations and web2.0 properties as well as relevant comments.  What makes this site a bit different is that the actual business name was extremely competitive.  There are around 3000 other businesses located in the US with the EXACT SAME NAME.  The results you are seeing here are for the actual business name keyword. I have provided the site with 5 links and then let google do it’s thing.  The effects of private links take place pretty quickly as you can see the jump to the first page.  The site now bounces between the 4th and 5th spot daily and I am guessing it will take one more link from my network to take that number 1 spot.


Example 2- Youtube Video for a low/med competition keyword

PBN results 5

I had a youtube ranking on the first page that bounced between the middle spots on the first page quite frequently.  I gave this URL the exact same treatment as above (this is for a local service with a bit of competition).  After shooting 5 links at this video it has now taken over the 1 spot in google for it’s main keyword.

Example 3 – Niche Website (Medium Competition with Ecom sites on page 1)

Results PBN 2

This is a fairly new niche website that I created roughly 5 months ago.  After my usual SEO backlinking strategy and finally coming out of the sandbox it hovered around the 50th spot of google.  While that is an improvement, we all know that there is no money to be made on the 5-6th pages of google.  5 links from my private sites with an average PA of 35 have boosted it into the 20th spots and it routinely will show up on the second page of google.  This site is very close to generating revenue and I have no doubt that a few more links will get it to that spot.

What is also interesting is that after adding links from the expired domains the site also starting to jump for some secondary keywords.  I have all my keywords tracked by serpbook and after ONE LINK take a look at the jump this keyword took

PBN Results 1


This site is fully deserving of more links to it’s inner pages for secondary keywords and I think we will soon have an authority site on our hands.  The best part?  All of these terms have 5000+ exact monthly searches.  I have high hopes for this niche site and will continue to add both content and private links until it generates income for me.

Why Have You Only Used 5 Links?

I am sure many people are probably wondering why I only added 5 links and didn’t rank the site in the 1 spot and tell how many it took.  Simple, most services that I see offering packages for private links start with 5 links a month.  I wanted to show what most people could expect after a package of 5 links.  Now, results could be different as I have no idea what quality domains they are offering and the quality of your websites that are trying to be ranked.  I will say this…. My niche site was created with me writing only the first page article and then both VA’s and Textbroker provided the rest of the content.  This is a site that I feel most people are capable of creating on their own.

Interested in Building Out A Private Network?

Let’s take a look at the costs if you have been interested in either building a private network or considering purchasing a package

  1. Quality Expired Domains at Auction- 75.00
  2. Privacy                                                          9.99
  3. Hosting                                                      60.00 yr

For one site, you are looking at roughly 140.00 for set up costs alone.  Yes, you can save money on hosting coupons etc but for QUALITY DOMAINS this is pretty much the standard….you certainly will end up paying much more for a few and if you are lucky maybe a bit less.  140.00 gives you essentially 1 domain linking back to your site.  You will need a bit more than that so let’s multiply that number by 5 and see what it would cost to generate the types of results that I have just showed.

140.00 x 5 sites = 700.00

That’s 700.00 INITIALLY and providing you set up the sites yourself and write all the content.  Now, if you have multiple sites you can spread the costs a bit because you now can rank more sites and generate more money.  However, if you only have one site this isn’t really feasible for most people if you are trying to “test and tinker” with ranking the site.

What I have noticed in the last few months of performing keyword research and analyzing the top 10 spots in google is that any type of niche site on the first page is USUALLY using expired or private backlinks.  They are easy to spot and this seems to be the new trend.  I feel like the days of completely whitehat SEO might be over for niche sites.  What I feel is an important metric to starting a site in a new niche is “how much am I willing to spend to rank this?” because you won’t be outranking anyone that is using high PA links that they have 100% control of.


How can I start using Private Links?

Simple, I am going to be opening up my link network to 20 members….. That’s it 20 members and it’s shut down.  This is truly a private network and once the sites have been linked out they will no longer be offering links.  I want this network to be a bit different than the other services out there, links will ALWAYS remain on the home page and there is a limit to the number of links a site links out to.  Each site has an average of

  • PA- 35
  • Trust Flow – 17
  • Citation Flow -20

I have personally reviewed and purchased each site in the network to maintain it’s integrity.  Now, most services are offering link packages with a recurring monthly fee so that you get 5 links per month.  I realize that a monthly fee is a bit much for people starting out and many people are weary of investing that type of money into a site that they aren’t sure will perform.  My network is simple, you get 10 links for a flat rate of 250.00.  Do the math, that is $25 a link! You can use them on whatever sites that you would like to use and when you want to use them.  Add links one at a time and test your ranking to see what it takes to land on the first page and then use the remaining links the keep you in the top of the SERPS.  It just doesn’t matter.  If you have multiple sites then you can of course split up the links and link to different sites.  Once your links are in place the network will shut down.  No new links will be added from new members so this truly is limited and WILL BE CLOSED once the spots are full.

All sites in the network have a pre developed “persona” as a blogger with different interests and multiple interests.  Some people have interests in technology yet have recently been told by a dr. that they need to lose weight etc… You will need to get creative with your articles that you submit but these are ready for a lot of different types of articles.


If you are interested in getting  more information on membership to this private network then email me personally at simplebutwellmarketing (@) gmail dot com or fill out the form in the sidebaar to get instant notification on when the network will open to the public.  I will be happy to answer any questions as well as notify you when the launch is live.  Remember, this is a great deal with only  20  spots and shut down for good.







Amazon Niche Site Case Study Underway!

After creating the video series about finding amazon keywords using google keyword planner (which you can see here)  I have decided to start documenting the process of creating a brand new niche site from start to finish.  I have found a few good keywords to get started and will show exactly how I am going to try and get this site to earn 1000 a month.  Will I reach that? No idea but it is a lofty goal.

Not all niche sites work out, some of mine have crashed and burned and in fact my most recent creation hasn’t really done a thing.  It’s still in the sandbox and not showing up in google.  Not on the first page = not making money…..plain and simple.

I know that I made a few mistakes along the way in that process and this is something that everyone can learn from.  Based on testing and tracking since that point here are a few things to avoid.

  • Mediocre content
  • Not enough content
  • Aggressively backlinking too soon

I really rushed this process with my VA’s and tried to capitalize on the holiday season and this ultimately backfired right in my face.  I will also say that some of the content written by my VA’s or through textbroker wasn’t the best quality.  If you hope to have a site which is a long term asset then it is really important to get this stuff right the first time.

Here is the plan, I will be targeting two keywords with around 5000 monthly searches each.  They are medium difficulty but that is OK because I have a pretty good sized network to provide quality links.  It’s funny how owning your own links changes your thought process.  You no longer worry about what you can rank for, you already know you can rank if your site is high quality.  I will be writing the two articles that target the main keywords and then utilize my VA’s to provide the product reviews and other grunt work.

The goal is to pump out content for this site for the first two months at a rapid rate.  Weekly posts and updates that are high quality.  Along with content creation my VA’s will slowly begin to comment on blogs until around 2-3 months into the project.  If we are not in the sandbox at this point then I will start to add backlinks from the network.  I’ll have a bunch of tutorials along the way showing how I use my VA’s for some of this work and exactly what I am doing.  Stay tuned.

Keyword Research For Your Amazon Niche Site

First and foremost, I recently published a post showing how to find keywords using the Google planner tool for free and how to sift through the competition.  I am not going to get into that again because the information has already been written about here.  What I wanted to get into today via a Google Hangout is the difference in keyword research for an amazon site vs an adsense niche site.  I made some initial mistakes when I first started to do this that you can learn from if you are just starting out.

Check out the video as we search through some ideas and actually find a great niche that you could start with today!  You’ve gotta watch the video to learn what the keywords are.

Keyword Research For Your First Adsense Niche Website

In my youtube marketing 101 guide, I wrote briefly about using the new keyword planner to do local keyword research as a local business owner or to help local business sites.  That was mainly to determine any other keywords that you should be trying to target other than the obvious terms in your local markets.  Niche websites are a different animal altogether.  Let’s be honest, the idea of having a bunch of niche sites that make money passively is a glamorous idea.  You wake up in your PJ’s and drink coffee until the afternoon as you are raking in the dough.  I won’t lie, NICHE SITES ARE NOT DEAD and this can be a reality.  Where people go wrong is thinking that creating a bunch of niche sites that earn passive income is easy and won’t take work.  This is just foolish.  Anything that makes money takes work. Period.

The first thing that you need to do is get your keyword research correct and determine if there is a chance for you to rank and make money.  I think that one of the major hurdles that people encounter when doing keyword research is how to monetize.  While I do agree to some extent that you should  have an idea of what type of site you are creating it shouldn’t be your focus.  Monetization really should be the LAST thing you are worried about because until you get that thing on the first page you aren’t going to be making anything.  Rank the site and get traffic first and foremost, then worry about adsense, amazon, CPA offers etc.  With that being said, let’s take a look a doing some free keyword research using google’s keyword planner.  Disclaimer *My keyword research software of choice is longtailpro and I pretty much use that exclusively for drilling down into keywords and niches but I wanted to keep this a guide using all free tools.

Find Your Niche

I have mixed feelings about creating a site based on “what you love” because to be honest, most people could care less about what you are passionate about.  Furthermore, there is no rule that says following your dreams is profitable, if you are into a hobby then that doesn’t mean it can generate profit.  I am pretty sure that most people went to school and maybe even college that will be reading this guide.  Did you have to write reports? Term papers? Absolutely.  Did you love the topic? Hell no, but you got it done.  This is no different.  We all have the ability to do research and write a report, this is no different.  I have websites that I could care less about the topic but I write about them  and create content, that is why this is WORK.

If you can find a good keyword in a topic that you are knowledgeable in then that is fantastic, just don’t get fooled into thinking you need to create sites about your love and interests.  Your love and interest is making money, don’t lose sight of that.

My most profitable niche by far has been the weight loss/ diet/ health industry. While I have a good depth of professional knowledge in this field I stay in this niche for one reason and one reason only, KEYWORDS.   There are just a ton of keywords to target that no one else really is going after in the same manner.  The CPC (cost per click) is high and the payouts are good with multiple monetization strategies.  The reason this niche works though is because there is no other place that people can find out information about these topics other than the internet.  Some are embarrassing as well, that means that purchases will definitely take place via the internet for confidentiality.  You don’t need to be an expert in these fields, you just need to provide the same information (written uniquely) that everyone else does BUT BE IN THE TOP SPOTS of google.

I already have a group of keywords that I have sifted through and pulled based around an adsense type of site that we will work with for a good reason.  If you want to go a different route and monetize via amazon then the keyword research still applies as well as the competition however you are going to want to refer to the Amazon guide.

I am dropping a ton of knowledge with this over the shoulder approach so take note on these videos about WHY we are searching these words and feel free to try and target any other these terms.  Those that stick with the video will be getting to see multiple keywords to target.


Here is the basic process for those that don’t want to watch 40 min worth of theory and searching….

1.Use google keyword planner

2. Enter terms and set filters as follows

  • greater than `1.00cpc
  • greater than 1000 monthly searching

3. Analyze the top 10 using google chrome extension SEO QUAKE

4. Check the URL of the top 10 in both and

  • PA of less than 20
  • Low number of links less than 100 is awesome


Again, this is not the holy grail of niche keyword research but it has been effective for me personally.  This is basic guide into keyword research and how to analyze the top 10 spots using free tools.  While this is time consuming, I do not normally use these tools as I have a paid software version called Longtail Pro that I highly recommend.

You can check out LongtailPro through this link HERE




The Local SEO Case Study Final Results

It has been about 3 weeks since I started my Local SEO case study which started on 3/16 with me creating a google hangout and ranking it live for a local term “seo utica NY” along with some other long tail terms.  I wanted to see how quickly I could rank for something that was somewhat competitive for a local market.  What could be more competitive than ranking for a term that specializes in ranking as a business? Well, I would have to say it really wasn’t that competitive……But, neither are MOST local keywords for small businesses.  I took full advantage of the strength of google’s own properties and used them exactly the way google wants us to.  I think the results speak for themselves as I took over the multiple spots using my video, this site and web2.0 properties.

Let’s take a look at the updates before I show the final results

Local SEO Utica Update 2

This was the second update after letting the web2.0 properties start to give some juice and I believe that was about 4 days after I created the video and embedded it on this site.  I also started to build some backlinks from my expired domain network to add some additional juice.

The final results are pretty good

Final Results of the Case Study

As you can see the video is now ranked #1 for all phrases and the website page is in the top 5 for all phrases.  This just goes to show the effectiveness of youtube and a simple backlinking strategy in a local market.  I highly encourage you to follow the youtube marketing page to see exactly how to add these links and then GIVE IT TIME.  Ranking multiple properties in THREE WEEKS is fantastic and could be great for your business.  The most important part of this whole case study is to take action.  I have showed you exactly how to create a video and add links through an over the should approach that anyone can follow.

Questions? Ask away


SEO Strategies for Local Business Owners

I have covered how to rank a google hangout (or pretty much any other youtube video) for local terms and showed a live case study doing so.  Today I wanted to give a strategy that can be used for the local business owner that combines both youtube marketing as well as some regular SEO that I am doing utilizing private links from my blog network.

I like to call this the “two pronged approach” as it really uses two methods to get a business on the first page of google.


First, you should be targeting keywords for your business website.  This can be done through the pages of your website and content or through blog posts.  It really depends on what your business offers and if customers and consumers need to be educated and informed.  You need to target two different sets of keywords, your business keywords as well as niche type keywords.  Depending on your business this could pose a few problems. I was featured on this blog post from the Walsh Group and wrote something similar to this…you can read that post here

Your Business Name


Your website needs to answer a few questions to potential customers.  First, they are going to google your business name.  Your site should be on the first page of google when searched so that people can find out what you are about and any relevant information they need from you (phone number, address, prices, menus etc.) to make a purchase or visit your place.  These keywords need to be targeted because there is no other way for a brand new person to learn about your business.  If you are lucky, the exact match of your domain (your business name) should rank you for your own name.  Later on in this article I will show you the unlucky version of this situation.  If you cannot get that website up initially then it has been MY EXPERIENCE (yours could be different) that your facebook page and other social media have the juice to get you showing up in the serps rather quickly.  Social signals are great to get noticed by google so you should have some sort of social media presence.

Buyer Keywords

The second type of keywords are the ones that bring in the business and should be a bit more competitive to rank for.  Ideally you would want your business showing up when these are searched because these are the ones that are going to bring in new business for your area.  Here are a few examples of buyer keywords

  • mechanic + city, state
  • roof repair + city, state
  • best restaurant + city, state

Now, some terms reflect a bit more buyer intention than others.  When thinking of your keywords for your local business think about what problems you solve and how that would be searched in google.   “i need a mechanic in city, state” usually means that someone is looking for a mechanic in that local area and is ready to call someone.  Even better are the emergency keywords.  These are going to be your big money makers because they are less targeted by seo and local business however that person needs your services pronto.  Are you a HVAC service business? Here are some examples of keywords

  • I need my furnace fixed + city, state
  • emergency furnace repair + city, state
  • broken air conditioner + city, state

These are the types of things that people need someone to help with immediately.  You can provide information on how to fix those same problems (show you’re the expert) on your website and I guarantee you will get calls.  How do I know? Simple, I generate leads for businesses in this manner.  The trick is that you need to be in the #1 spot so that when a panicked potential customer/client searches that your business and phone number is the first thing that appears.

Two Pronged Targeting

Many of these terms are what I call “low hanging fruit,” meaning that you should be able to rank quickly because no one else is really going after those terms.  The two pronged approach is simple, you target your keywords by ranking youtube videos WHILE slowly ranking the business website.  Some terms will rank faster than others but there is no denying that youtube is a much quicker solution to getting a phone number in front of someone ready to buy.  Take a look at this screen shot for what I have done for a local garage.

Loca SEO Strategy


At the moment these are the rankings as given by SERPBOOK, my ranking tracker.  There are some results that aren’t in the top 10….they actually are despite the data reported as I made a mistake when entering in the keywords and url.  I never selected “ignore local results”   and serpbook reports the local listings on the first page as taking up google spots which they actually do not.  Regardless, there are several different urls that I have used to do this.  I have created multiple videos targeting a keyword plus the surrounding local cities and towns.  One video will target “truck repair + city, state” with all the surrounding towns.  At the same time these keywords are being targeted through the actual business website.

The Unlucky Side

When I sat down with this client to come up with a strategy there was an immediate problem…. There are a ton of businesses in the United States with his EXACT NAME.   Competition for your business name?  I wouldn’t have thought it would be like this.  Approximately 123000 other web properties were targeting that name and 3780 were targeting the exact match of his name and trying to rank for it.  I created a bunch of web 2.0’s to embed a few youtube videos while I started to see where the actual business website would land.  After months I started to link back with expired domains to finally push his site in the top 10.  I’ll keep adding the expired domain links until he has the number 1 spot which is TOUGH.  A brand new site will have issues outranking anything with age and authority.  As you can see though, his business shows up in multiple positions for numerous terms from both videos and his website.  There are a lot of other long tail searches that he will show up for as well due to the authority of the links from my network.

Benefits? Domination

The beauty of this method is that the business lands on the first page in a week or less for some terms due to the youtube video.  Once the SEO for the actual website picks up the business will have multiple properties on the first page of google.  This builds a ton of credibility because most google users don’t realize that there are people (SEO’s) that try to manipulate the rankings.  Google doesn’t get to decide what is the best business in the area, but if you are the #1 spot when someone searches then you automatically are assumed to be the best.  Add in 3 or 4 more spots and you are dominating the serps for your local area.   Check out this screen shot

Local SEO Strategy Dominate Page 1


That is 6 out of 10 spots on the first page of google from my web properties.  Interestingly enough there are a few that just scraped content from my video and their site ranked in the top 10 as well.  Copy cats are fine because I made sure to include the URL and more importantly a contact phone number for them to call my business.   This is a perfect example of the two pronged approach at work for local terms that a business might target.

In almost every situation that I have employed this strategy I have AT LEAST two properties on page 1, the video and the website.

More Domination

How else can you take over more spots on the first page? The answer is pretty simple, utilizing sites that already provide high authority in the eyes of google.  Remember that video you created? Upload that to slideshare and blast with onlywire in the same manner that I showed in the live case study.   Google + Business pages, Yelp Reviews and other review all have high authority and can be used the same way.  The formula is simple….. promote what is promoting you through social signals.

This should be enough to get you started…. Feel free to comment and ask any questions.


How To Find Your Own Expired Domains For a PBN

Expired Domain Hunting

Just a quick update on the Local SEO case study.  Today (6 days after the video and post were created) is the first day that a link from my expired domain has been indexed by google.  There has been a slight increase in rankings as of today if you skip to 3:38 in the video you will see.  So far the results have been great.  I am in the top 10 for 5 of 7 keywords and my own site is starting to approach the first page.  This is after 1 expired (high page authority) link.  I am going to guess that it will take 3-4 links to take over the top spot for the most competitive keyword (seo utica ny).

If you have been paying attention to expired domains and the trend of seo as of late then this post will be of interest to you.  I will show you how I find expired domains to bid on through godaddy auctions.

I have tried to find domains that are just strictly expired however they usually have very little value and the best ones are always taken when I tried to search during my free time.

I have had MUCH better luck through auctions.  The auction takes a bit of practice but there are good domains that are ready for the taking if you do this right.  I’ll be honest, you will pay a bit more than just the registration price but I set my own standards on price and what I am willing to pay for a domain.  You need to think of this as an investment towards your business.

The main tools you will use for this guide are



I use the same metrics that Jon Haver at Authoritywebsiteincome uses……They are as follows

  • Trust/Citation flow of greater than 15
  • PA of greater than 30


Now, after filming this (there was a bunch more that didn’t make the cut) I looked into the domain that we covered with

It looked promising so I decided we would go through a live bid!

Check out Part 2

And there you go! We have won a live auction for an expired domain with decent metrics!



Local SEO case study Update 2

It’s now been 4 days since I originally created a youtube/google hangout video and ranked it for Local Seo Services Utica NY which you can see the original by following that link.

I haven’t done much in the way of promotion since that time.  I embedded the video on another one of my web2.0 properties and also added a link from my private network of high PA (page authority) blogs that I own and control.  I wanted to test the effectivness of using just 1 link from the network to start and see what I can rank for with minimal backlinks.

If you are curious on my private network and what that involves then keep checking back, my next guide will be on exactly how I created my network and how you can either use mine (I’ll offer a service) or build your own with a bit of an investment.  Here is a screenshot of today’s rankings

Local SEO Utica Update 2


As you can see, I have the number 1 spot for two keywords and I am on the FIRST PAGE for 4 total terms.  The main keyword that we can to watch for this case study is going to be “SEO UTICA NY” because that has the most competition and is the most valuable term.  The link to my actual site (simplebutwell) is now showing up on the second page of google and has been in that spot pretty much the whole time.

Youtube vs Your Website

The reason why youtube is so valuable to a business owner or anyone trying to rank is the SPEED that you are able to rank with.  You are doing two things (or three if you use hangouts) with this method.  First, you are utilizing the high page authority of youtube itself to get indexed quickly.  My website doesn’t have that authority yet so it takes a few days to start showing up.  Second, you are taking advantage of the fact that google owns youtube! Will they slap their little brother? Hardly.  If you noticed in the video when I showed how I use social signals to promote…..I also use blogger blogs…..another google property.  This isn’t by coincidence at all.  We use what google already knows and loves and play the game the way they want us to.

Expired Domain Links

At this time my expired domain link has not been indexed (I linked two days ago) and I am going to give that domain an onlywire blast to help speed up  the process a bit.  I expect to see a jump in rankings once this link is indexed and will definitely report back.

So far, I am pleased with the results that I have had after 4 days of creating that video so keep checking back regularly for more information on this process.



Local Seo Services Utica NY – Case Study For YOUTUBE RANKING


This was a fun afternoon, ranking on the first page within minutes for a possibly valuable keyword with a google hangout method.  I thought that this would be a great way to teach how to rank a video using one of the methods that I mentioned in my guide.

The following two videos will show you exactly how to use onlywire to blast your web2.0 properties with some social signals and how to do your on page seo after the video has been uploaded..

Here is part 2



If you are looking for SEO Services in the Utica NY area then you have come to the right place.  Check out this video as I rank for SEO in the Utica area LIVE!!!! Questions? Call (315) 327-2986 Today!

Additional Information:

By: Steve Szeliga